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Why am I an atheist? | Bhagat Singh | Essays Letter Articles | Audiobook| Audiobook

Why am I an atheist? | Bhagat Singh | Essays Letter Articles | Audiobook| Audiobook

Why am I an atheist? | Bhagat Singh | Selected Essays, Letters, Articles | Audiobook


The sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh has made his name immortal in Indian history. But young Bhagat Singh is not known to many as a writer. Bhagat Singh's many thought-provoking articles, essays and letters should be read by every young man and woman.


Bhagat Singh used to call himself an atheist and he explained his stance on it in detail in his long essay 'Am I an Atheist?' Anyone who calls themselves a believer or an atheist should read his essay.


Similarly, the letters written by Bhagat Singh from the prison give a valuable introduction to his personality as a writer, a young man with a heart, a thoughtful man and a revolutionary. Two letters he wrote to his father, a letter to Sukhdev who was contemplating suicide, a letter addressed to the then British Governor of Punjab demanding 'no execution, please shoot us', a letter to Batukeshwar Dutt to advise his comrades who had escaped death row and 'Inqlab Zindabad'. Selected important letters such as letters written in newspapers to explain your position on this declaration,


In addition, selected articles include 'Constitution of the Hindustan Republican Association', 'Manifesto of the Punjab Youth Bharat Sabha' and 'Philosophy of the Bomb'.


There are total 10 Chapters in this Audiobooks.

(Total Duration : 3 Hours)

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    • Language: Marathi. Total Set Duration: 2.5 Hours Approx.
    • Credits:
    • Writing : Bhagat Singh
    • Narration : G. A. Adkar
    • Background Music : Jasrajan
    • Concept and Presentation : Pustakvaani
    • Production : Pannalal Media Company
    • Recording : StudioBlue Moon
    • Format :1 Mp3 Audio CD packed with Booksize Case/ 1 Mp3 Audio USB Card
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