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Sarth Aatmaram | Samarth Ramdas | Audiobook |

Sarth Aatmaram | Samarth Ramdas | Audiobook |

Sarth Atmaram | Samarth Ramdas | Audiobook

The book 'Atmaram' and 'Soliv Sukh' is the last message of Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami.

The three books Manobodh, Dasbodh and Atmaram are the tri-sutras that are the perfect guide for every Mumukshus, i.e. everyone who aspires to Self-enlightenment.

Even after the extensive discussion in the book Dasbodh, some questions remained in the mind of the disciple. Samarth Ramdas Swami wrote the book 'Atmaram' which describes Maya Nirupana, Tayaga Nirupana, Brahma Nirupana and Svanubhav Nirupana in the form of Guru-disciple dialogue in order to know the nature of Self. He himself says about this book –

“My body and voice is gone | You will say in your heart

But I am there in this world Forever ||

Atmaram Dasbodh | This is my true self | Read it and forget sorrow, devotees ||"

Recitation and listening of Atmaram Granth is a very pleasing and enlightening experience. This audiobook contains the complete recitation of the Atmaram Granth along with its meaning in marathi.

It has a total of 5 Samas (chapters).

(Total Duration : 2.5 Hours)

  • Product Details


    • Language: Marathi. Total Set Duration: 2.5 Hours Approx.
    • Credits:
    • Original Writing : Sant Ramdas
    • Commentary : Bhaskarbuwa Ramdasi
    • Recitation & Narration : Nachiket Devasthali
    • Concept & Presentation : Pustakvaani
    • Produced by : Pannalaal Muzik Company
    • Recording : Studio Blue Moon
    • Format :1 Mp3 Audio CD packed with Booksize Case / 1 Mp3 Audio USB Card
    • Product Details & Index Card Included in the pack.
    • Free Gift Wrap Available.
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