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Sant Abhangmala | Recital | Audiobook

Sant Abhangmala | Recital | Audiobook

The audiobook 'Sant Abhangmala' presents more than 200 selected Abhangs of Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Namdev, Sant Eknath and Sant Tukaram in traditional Varkari Pathan-Parayana format.


The Abhang of Varkari Saints is a precious treasure of wisdom that 'follows where one goes'. Even today, in the villages and cities of Maharashtra, these songs are sung and recited every day. These Abhangs are sung in such a way that everyone can easily sing them, whether they have singing skills or not. The advantage of this recitation is that one can get a greater sense of meaning than full musical form.

In this way this Sant Abhangamala is intertwined. If you regularly listen to this Abhangamala in the quiet of your home in the morning, evening or night, many valuable preachings of life-changing abhangas can be revealed to you. Children and young people will also find listening to this abhangamala very helpful. But for this, first of all, the elders have to take initiative in listening.


Duration : Two and Half Hours Approx.

  • Product Details


    • Language: Marathi. Total Set Duration: 2.5 Hours Approx.
    • Credits:
    • Written by : Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Namdeo, Sant Eknath, Sant Tukaram
    • Recitation : Adkar Guruji
    • Backgroung Music : JasRajan
    • Concept & Presentation : Pustakvaani
    • Produced by: Pannalaal Media Company.
    • Recording : Studio Blue Moon
    • Format :1 Mp3 Audio CD packed with Booksize Case or 1 Mp3 Audio USB Card
    • Product Details & Index Card Included in the pack.
    • Free Gift Wrap Available.
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