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Our Store Policies

Store Policy | Usage Policy | Return & Refund Policy | Shipping & Delivery Policy

  • Store Policy :

Our Selected Audiobooks are Available to purchase & order in CD / USB Format. 

Our Selected Audiobooks and other Audio Projects are available to purchase & stream / download from our website. 

Our Selected Audiobooks are available to purchase in both Physical & Stream / Download Format.


We also offer & sell printed books of other publications. 

All physical products are available by doorstep delivery.

  • Usage Policy : Terms & Conditions 

All our products and Audio/Audio-Visual Content is strictly for private listening/viewing only. To distribute/stream/sell it by any means is strictly prohibited.

  • Return & Refund Policy : 

Any Physical product order can not be cancelled or returned after purchase / delivery.

We provide prompt replacements for any kind of defect/damage in physical product. But, we cannot provide return/refund for any digital download/streaming product.

  • Digital Item Policy : 

Digital products in physical format such as CD/DVD/USB will be replaced (withing 30 days from delivery) against any manufacturing defects or damage at delivery. If there is any functioning issue regarding playing CD/DVD/USB the unit will be replaced free. But if there is any damage due to the mishandling after purchase by the customer, then a fee will be charged for the replacement. 
There will not be any return or refund in case of Digital products sold in download/streaming format.

  • Shipping & Delivery Policy : 

All physical products will be shipped and delivered within 7 - 10 working days. 

All replacements for the damaged/defective physical products will be delivered within 5 - 7 working days.

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